Roof Lights

New From Regal Rooflines, Stunning Contemporary Roof Lights

When building a new extension one of the many considerations is how we can ensure that the area will benefit from a good amount of natural light! We have all been in the situation where a friend has had their home extended to facilitate a new kitchen or living area.

Normally the price for such modifications is high and people will go to great lengths to ensure that the new room is just right, often opting for the best fixtures and fittings they can afford the best tiles, paints, flat roof covering etc.

Then comes the inevitable, “it’s a lovely room but a bit dark” the new room which was built to improve people’s lives turns out to be not so perfect after all.

The solution for dark extensions

Regal Rooflines are delighted to announce their latest product Roof Lights which are also referred to as Skylights, Roof Lights will allow the natural light to pour into your home, the look of your flat roof will be improved as these high-end architectural roof lights give a contemporary feel to your property.

There are four main types of Roof Light, Fixed, Hinged, Smoke Vent and Pyramid, at Regal Rooflines we are able assist you in choosing the correct Roof Light ensuring it fits the look and feel of your property, Roof Lights are manufactured to your size and specification.

Roof Lights Installed London, Kent and Surrey

A Roof Light for every home

Fixed Roof Lights;
Fixed Roof Lights are a stunning addition to modern and age old properties alike flooding natural light into any room. We can make fixed roof lights in any shape and size and will work with you or architects to delivery any job required.

Hinged Roof Lights;
We offer four types of hinged roof light depending on its use. We offer manual or electric-powered roof light which are ideal for ventilation. The manual roof lights or sky lights are adjusted with a screw jack and pole mechanism.

Smoke Vent Roof Lights;
We fit smoke vent Roof Lights to all buildings, complying with standard regulations, our smoke vent roof lights open automatically when the fire alarm is triggered complying with BS EN 12101-2.

Pyramid Roof Lights;
A modern take on the tradition lantern roof design, our pyramid roof lights offer a contemporary feel and a stunning visual appearance. Available in many shapes including square.

Installation of your new roof light

Regal Rooflines have been trading for 20 years and boast a team of highly skilled professional craftsmen each installation is carried out in a tidy and timely fashion and testimonials are available upon request. Communication is an important element of our business as such you will be kept up to date with the progress of your new Roof Light installation. Quotes are fully itemised and we employ no high-pressure tactics.

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